Rae's Designs is a small, friendly, home-based venture that wants to have fun designing and building your own website and even face new challenges.


Rae's Designs wants to build you a simple site that you won't be ashamed to show your friends and family.If you want big, flashy rotating text or pop ups, then you probably need to find someone else to help you out. If you have photos that you'd like to incorporate into your design, then we can also work with that.


Rae's Designs is just a little side hobby that may not become one of the big girls. Small is good in this case. If you've read the FAQs page, you will see that we give you a few reasons why you need a presence on the web. We're here to help you achieve that goal and mainly it's just for fun, both on your part and ours.


Rae's Designs uses Photoshop to design and tweak templates and 1st Page 2000 to do HTML. Yes, I write code from scratch.

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