Will I or do I host your website?

I don't have that ability at the moment but I can recommend a few places: Dixie Systems have a good reputation and have some cheap plans for your personal site. You need somewhere to host your site in order for it to appear online. Here is a simple guide to the ins and outs of web hosting and how it works Guide to Web Hosting

Do I have the time to do any updates to your site?

Depending on how often you plan on updating your site, I might be able to come to some agreement with you. I may be able to set you up with an option that will allow you to update your site yourself. Contact me for more details.

How fast can you build me a site?

That all depends on the size of the site and what kind of content you'd like on each page.

What are your rates?

Again, that depends on the size of the site and the kind of design you require.

Why do I need a website anyway?

Had a baby? got married? went on a great vacation? bought a new house, car, yacht or anything else? caught that HUGE fish you want everyone to see? Answer yes to any of those questions and you need a website presence to show your friends and family. If you don't want it public for whoever takes their fancy, we can password protect it for you.

What if I want a free website?

I highly recommend going with Word Press, which is basically a blog that you can customise in many different ways. The wordpress URLs aren't the prettiest, so register yourself and domain and we can redirect to your Word Press blog.

Where can I find out if the domain I want is available?

There are a 1000 places online where you can do this, but I recommend Scotts' Domains. Nope, I don't get any credit for this but I do have an account with them and that's where I mange my own domains. If you'd like me to register a domain for you then I can also take care of that for a small fee. See the Rates Page for those details.

Why do you use ready-made templates for some of your designs?

I'll be honest with you; it just saves time (and brain cells) but you can still have a unique site without it looking like every other website out there.

Will I run off with your site and leave you stranded?

No way! See my testimonials for peace of mind and if you'd like references from people, then Contact me.

Can I have a copy of all the files used in my site?

Absolutely you can! If you, or someone else, want to update the website then that's no problem at all. If you just want me to design a template and have someone else build the site for you then I can give you the Photoshop (PSD) files, fonts and anything else that you need.

Is there any kind of website that you won't design/build?

I won't do anything to do with nudity, alcohol or gambling. In fact, I reserve the right to refuse to do any website if I don't have the time or the resources to do it or for any other reason.

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